ABOUT Jameel Erving

President of Health

Jameel Erving has major influence and a very extensive back ground in the overall health and wellness industry and anyone he comes in contact with. A majority of his life thus far has been spent competing within high performance sports which required him to be at maximum output both; mentally and physically.

Jameel is a former division-1 college football athlete who attended the University of Texas El Paso. After his college career he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Multi-Disciplinary Studies and needn’t up playing professionally for a short time. Following his pro career, he became a college football coach at his Alma Mater. Jameel’s leadership role had allowed him to impact the lives of countless young men by developing them into better athletes, overall scholars of the game, and stronger individuals.

Jameel then graduated with his Masters in Leadership Studies and decided to create his own controlled health practice. Under the Daily Strides umbrella Jameel has developed a health organization that incorporates multiple aspects of over wellness including; Fitness, Nutrition, Supplementation, Recovery and Mental well-being.