ABOUT Sierra Nowak

Marketing / Production Specialist

Sierra Nowak is our Marketing/Production Specialist. She oversees individual brand marketing strategies, production of promotional materials and overall social content. Sierra’s background in marketing and cinema has paved the way for her career as a production and operational specialist. Sierra graduated from The University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science degree, studying business administration and marketing as well as cinematic arts.

Sierra began her career in business straight out of college as an executive for a Fortune 500 retail company where she managed over 10 million dollars. Here she led a team of 8 managers, each with around 10-13 employees reporting to them, totaling over 80 employees she was responsible for. This position prepared Sierra for multitasking, which comes in handy as she handles multiple brands at a time with Daily Strides. During her time as an executive, she also expanded her keen business acumen through creating marketing plans, producing materials for promotions and ensuring the team was educated on how to use these materials to produce sales and grow profit margins for individual brands.

Sierra’s background in management and degree in marketing and cinema allow her to combine her love for production and business while creating meaningful marketing materials, helping drive brands to meet their full potential. She was formerly a client of Daily Strides but after the experience she had with us, she decided that she wanted to join our team.