ABOUT Trenton Acrey

President of Branding

Trenton Acrey is the premier branding guru and people developer based out of Los Angeles, CA. Coming from an extensive sales background with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration has allowed him to flourish and excel amongst his peers. He found his passion for building brands, increasing company profitability, and establishing others at an early age.

Trenton possesses a natural ability to interpret what others are communicating both verbally and nonverbally. He is phenomenal with the dynamics of relationship building, and how business need to be portrayed in modern society. Trenton is able to achieve the maximum amount of guidance with clientele from both younger and older generations tendencies.

He has made it his personal career goal to be a driving force that allows for the further expansion on both a personal level and companies overall initiative. Trenton’s ultimate goal is to develop entrepreneurs, build lasting connections, and set a firm standard for others to abide by.